Material Conveying Solutions

Material Conveying Solutions

Telescopic Conveyor

The most commonly used form of conveyors are belt conveyors. Flexible and adaptable to various applications, belt conveyors are made of PVC, polyurethane, or silicone, and are powered by motors and drives. Type of loads, capacity, speeds, working environment and workers are some of the factors that should be considered before choosing the right belt conveyor solution.

Flat belts, telescopic belts, incline belts, curved belts, timing belts, toothed belts, and special belt conveyors of non-standard dimension are among the types of belt conveyor solutions available.

Belt Conveyors : Quiet / Consistent / Economical.

Material Conveying Solutions

Inclined Conveyors

Inclined conveyors are used in warehouses to bridge level gaps, and to enable in-house material movement across floors and mezzanine levels to perform various processes and sub-processes. They can be shaped in a variety of design structures, such as horizontal-to-incline-to-horizontal again, or in multiple levels. Built usually to handle boxes and items that are lightweight, small, and uniform, they are sturdy, built to last, and are preferred for shorter lengths and narrow runs in wasehouses.

Sturdy / Flexible / Customizable.

Material Conveying Solutions

Flexible Motorized Roller Conveyors

Enormously flexible and thoroughly portable, flexible motorized roller conveyors can be set-up in a jiffy, especially for handling a vast variety of cargo at the loading and unloading docks. While the motors can be programmed to control the speed of operation and torque to move heavier items, these conveyors are made of robust steel parts that are durable and yet, affordable.

Expandable / Portable / Affordable.

Material Conveying Solutions

Gravitational Conveyors

Also known as line-shaft conveyors, gravitational conveyors are a vastly used application in warehouses to move boxes of up to XX kg. Freely rotating rollers allow boxes to travel down by means of gravity, that explains the name of this solution. Run by a shaft below the rollers, gravitational conveyors are usually not powered, and are therefore economical, especially in high-volume, fast-moving applications such as modern ecommerce warehouses. Apart from increasing warehousing efficiency, gravity conveyors also increase throughput, and improves worker ergonomics. Typical applications include unloading boxes from trucks to the next phase of operation, and also in assembly and kitting areas.

Easy / Essential / Economical.

Material Conveying Solutions

Radius Conveyors

Our range of radius conveyors are built for maximum productivity by enabling curved conveyance in warehouses of varying dimensions. Designed to overcome spacial restrictions, these conveyors are adaptive and intelligent belt movement systems that are customizable and programmable to suit the needs of the customer. By virtue of its evolved design, unwanted catchments and dirt accumulation are eliminated. Being easy to clean, maintain, and upgrade, Radius conveyors from Bricspac are perfect to bridge gaps in material conveyance and expand productivity. Or to function as standalone conveyance solutions.

Curved / Convenient / Customizable.