Our forklift trucks are renowned for their adaptability, making them an excellent choice for warehouses of all types. We boast an extensive selection of attachments designed to meet the unique demands of various industries and operational tasks. ACE forklifts have garnered widespread acclaim and are extensively utilized across an array of sectors, including Government, Semi-Government, and PSU’s. This broad acceptance speaks volumes about the reliability and efficiency of our equipment, which consistently delivers exceptional performance in diverse applications.

A forklift truck on a black background, manufactured in India.
Some of the benefits of

Faster Operation Cycles


Optimized fuel consumption

Our Range of Forklifts

3 Wheels Electric Forklift 16/20
4 Wheel Electric forklift
Articulated Forklift (AFL)

Economic TKA Series

Journey of excellence

The Bricspac Journey of Excellence is about setting the standard for excellence in the packing and conveying automation industry and exceeding the expectations of our customers at every turn