Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Telescopic Belt conveyors are multi-functional, ergonomic, and efficient end-of-line warehousing solutions that find application across industries. Bricspac designs and delivers customized telescopic conveyors to suit end-of-line operations that involve packaging and loading onto outbound logistics. It can be used to load and unload from a small truck to a 40 feet container with minimum time and minimum workforce. Our boom extensions for telescopic conveyors can extend more than the original stationary length, making them reach inside the truck and easing the loading and unloading process. Our Extended booms of the conveyors can reach inside the truck – can move forward- reverse and go Up and down. These positioning levels increase the ergonomic ease for the workers and reduce repetitive strain injuries, which results in both high productivity, and employee delight.

Telescopic belt conveyors efficiently transport goods in a warehouse, utilizing red and yellow belts.

Why bricspac telescopic conveyors ?

  • Strong yet slim design for increased freedom of installations
  • Safety and ergonomics compliant with current regulations and built-in safety features
  • Easy maintenance with accessible subassemblies and 24/7 customer service
  • High-end, reliable components from the best suppliers
  • Competitive pricing for a high-quality product
  • Customizable options available to adjust to specific warehouse characteristics and processes.
Telescopic Conveyors are rapidly becoming a popular solution in warehouses due to their significant improvement in loading and unloading times compared to traditional technologies. This is especially true for greenfield projects, where the easy integration of Telescopic Conveyors makes them an appealing choice. However, existing warehouses can also benefit from this technology and overcome bottlenecks in loading and unloading at a lower cost than alternative solutions in most logistics segments. The popularity of Telescopic Conveyors can be attributed to their efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of integration, making them a top choice for warehouse managers looking to improve their operation’s productivity.

Advantages of our Telescopic Belt Conveyors



Compact Efficient


Telescopic belt conveyors are widely used for loading and unloading trucks, trailers, and shipping containers in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics hubs. These conveyors extend into the cargo hold of the vehicle, allowing for efficient transfer of goods between the loading dock and the vehicle’s storage area. They streamline the loading process, reduce manual labor, and increase loading/unloading speed, improving overall operational efficiency.

Telescopic belt conveyors are employed in distribution centers for handling parcels, packages, and cartons during sorting, routing, and order fulfillment processes. These conveyors extend to reach conveyor belts or gravity rollers on different levels of the facility, facilitating the transfer of goods between conveyor lines and storage areas. They enhance material flow, reduce congestion, and optimize space utilization in busy distribution environments.

Telescopic belt conveyors are utilized in airport terminals for handling checked baggage, suitcases, and cargo containers during the baggage handling process. These conveyors extend from baggage sorting systems to aircraft cargo holds, allowing for seamless loading and unloading of luggage and cargo onto airplanes. They improve baggage handling efficiency, reduce turnaround times, and enhance passenger satisfaction at airports.

Telescopic belt conveyors find applications in retail distribution centers for handling cartons, totes, and merchandise during order picking, packing, and shipping operations. These conveyors extend to reach conveyor lines or packing stations, enabling the transfer of goods between different stages of the order fulfillment process. They streamline retail distribution workflows, improve order accuracy, and expedite order processing times.

Telescopic belt conveyors are integrated into manufacturing facilities for transporting raw materials, components, and finished products between production areas, assembly lines, and storage locations. These conveyors extend and retract as needed to accommodate varying production demands and facilitate the flow of materials throughout the manufacturing process. They optimize material handling efficiency, reduce material handling costs, and enhance production throughput in manufacturing operations.

Telescopic belt conveyors are used in retail stores for loading and unloading merchandise, shipments, and inventory during receiving, stocking, and replenishment activities. These conveyors extend from delivery trucks or shipping containers to the sales floor or backroom storage areas, allowing for efficient transfer of goods between delivery vehicles and store premises. They improve store operations, reduce manual handling efforts, and enhance inventory management in retail environments.