L - Bar Sealers

Bricspac offers L-bar sealers specifically designed for shrink-film packaging. These sealers are capable of cutting and sealing the film in a single step, making the packaging process efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, the steel-constructed film separator/work table and film roller with twin perforating hole punchers & film guide come standard with each sealer, providing added convenience and value to customers.

An L bar sealer machine with a plastic bag on it.

our L - Bar
Sealers are

Ideal for quick and easy shrink film packaging

Works with heat gun or shrink tunnel

Built with Steel for heavy-duty use and durability

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Our L-bar sealers are built to be user-friendly and easy to operate. With a simple timer setting, you can insert the product between the two layers of centerfold film and press down the sealing bar to create a secure seal. Our sealers are a great investment for businesses looking to streamline their packaging process and improve their efficiency.

Investing in a Bricspac L-bar sealer is a smart choice for any business that values cost-efficiency and simplicity. Our sealers provide a hassle-free way to package your products and save time in your daily operations. With our high-quality sealers, you can trust that your products will be securely packaged and ready for distribution.


  • L Bar Sealers are utilized for packaging electronic devices, ensuring secure protection during transportation and storage.
  • In the agricultural sector, L Bar Sealers help in packaging fresh fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life and maintaining freshness.
  • L Bar Sealers are valuable in packaging printed materials like books and magazines, providing protective covering for distribution.
  • These sealers are commonly used for packaging garments, fabrics, and fashion accessories in the textile and apparel industry.

  • L Bar Sealers play a role in packaging small to medium-sized automotive parts, ensuring cleanliness and protection from environmental factors.
  • The pharmaceutical industry employs L Bar Sealers for packaging medicines, ensuring airtight seals for tablets, capsules, and medical supplies.
  • L Bar Sealers are utilized for packaging cosmetics and beauty products, maintaining product integrity and providing an appealing presentation.
  • Items such as pens, notebooks, and other office supplies can be efficiently packaged using L Bar Sealers for organized storage and distribution.
  • L Bar Sealers find applications in packaging hardware items, ensuring secure and protective packaging for tools and equipment.
  • In the medical industry, L Bar Sealers are used for packaging medical supplies, providing a sterile and tamper-evident seal.
  • L Bar Sealers are employed in food services for packaging items like prepared meals, ensuring freshness and hygiene.
  • L Bar Sealers are widely used in retail for packaging various products, ranging from toys to home goods, providing a professional and secure appearance.