Vertical Lifter

Bricspac is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Vertical Lifts. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest machinery and technology to produce an extensive range of lifts for various industries. Our Vertical Lifts are particularly popular in the automobile, chemical, and materials handling industries, where efficient vertical movement of supplies is crucial.

A vertical reciprocating conveyor with a yellow container on top.

We use only the finest quality materials and components in the manufacture of our lifts to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Our lifts are designed to provide stable and straight vertical lifting, which is essential for the safe and efficient handling of supplies. Moreover, we have a team of quality inspectors who rigorously check our Vertical Lifts on efficiency and performance parameters before offering them to clients at pocket-friendly prices.

At Bricspac, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible products and services. Our Vertical Lifts are no exception, and we strive to ensure that they are reliable, durable, and safe to use. We take pride in our ability to manufacture high-quality lifts that meet the unique needs of our clients and contribute to their success.


Withstand Harsh Conditions

Large Load Work Platforms

Excellent Lifting Capability


  • Vertical lifters are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers for lifting and moving heavy pallets or goods between different levels. They can be integrated into conveyor systems or operated independently.
  • In logistics and manufacturing, vertical lifters are integral components of automated storage systems. They retrieve items from storage locations and deliver them to designated areas, optimizing storage space and retrieval efficiency.
  • Some robotic systems, particularly those used in manufacturing and assembly processes, incorporate vertical lifters to move components or tools to different heights during the production cycle.
  • Vertical lifters are a fundamental part of elevator systems, providing vertical transportation for people or goods between different floors in buildings. Lift platforms are also used for accessibility purposes.
  • In healthcare settings, vertical lifters are employed as patient lifts. These devices assist caregivers in lifting and transferring patients, providing a safe and efficient means of mobility support.
  • Scissor lifts are a type of vertical lifter commonly used in construction, maintenance, and industrial settings. They can elevate workers, tools, or materials to various heights, allowing for tasks at elevated locations.