Robotic Pick and Place

Bricspac’s Robotic Pick & Place solutions are designed to handle the repetitive actions of picking and placing items with ease. With advanced vision systems and intelligent programming, our robotic solutions augment the entire supply chain to ensure prompt and error-free delivery, resulting in customer satisfaction. These solutions are suitable for a variety of applications in the industrial spectrum and are designed to reduce manpower, eliminate errors, and increase productivity and accuracy.

A 3D image of a warehouse with robots and boxes showcasing the capabilities of pick and place robots.
Our Pick & Place solutions are modular and can be customized to fit your specific needs. They are available in a range of compact machines that can easily integrate with your existing warehousing and packaging lines. At Bricspac, we prioritize usability, and our end-users can integrate our systems into their everyday operations with minimal learning curves. 

Bricspac’s Robotic Pick & Place offerings provide a comprehensive solution to your automation needs. By reducing labor costs, minimizing errors, and increasing productivity, our systems can transform your manufacturing operations. Whether you need a customized solution or an off-the-shelf product, Bricspac has got you covered.

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Our programming and integration expertise enable us to create a system that fits design, deployment and integration.


Robotic pick and place systems are extensively used in electronics manufacturing for assembling circuit boards, semiconductor components, and electronic devices. These robots accurately pick small components such as resistors, capacitors, and microchips from trays or feeders and place them onto circuit boards with precision and speed, ensuring high-quality assembly and production efficiency.

In automotive manufacturing plants, robotic pick and place systems play a crucial role in assembling vehicles by handling automotive components such as engine parts, body panels, and interior trim pieces. These robots pick components from conveyor belts or storage bins and place them onto vehicle assemblies with accuracy and repeatability, contributing to the efficiency and quality of automotive production processes.

Robotic pick and place systems are employed in the food packaging and processing industry for handling food products such as bottles, jars, trays, and pouches. These robots pick products from conveyor belts or production lines and place them into packaging containers or trays, ensuring hygienic handling and precise packaging while maintaining high production speeds.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, robotic pick and place systems are used for packaging medications, tablets, capsules, and vials. These robots pick pharmaceutical products from production lines or blister packs and place them into packaging containers such as bottles, boxes, or blister cards, ensuring accurate counting, sorting, and packaging of medications.

Robotic pick and place systems are utilized in logistics and warehousing operations for order fulfillment, sorting, and palletizing of goods and parcels. These robots pick products from storage shelves or conveyor systems and place them into shipping containers, cartons, or pallets according to customer orders, facilitating efficient order processing and shipment preparation.

Robotic pick and place systems are employed in various manufacturing industries for assembly tasks and material handling applications. These robots pick components, parts, or products from one location and place them into another location or onto assembly fixtures, enabling seamless integration of production processes and improving overall manufacturing efficiency.