Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine for Pouches (ISP-200)

BricsInfinity’s automatic shrink wrapping machine for pouches is a pinnacle of efficiency, designed to collate strips of products or single pouches and deliver impeccably shrink-wrapped packs at impressive production speeds. Crafted from Heat Sealable Laminate, the secondary packs undergo seamless shrink wrapping in a specialized tunnel, resulting in precisely crafted shrink packs.
An automatic machine manufacturer in India that specializes in producing plastic bags using shrink-wrapping technology.

Whether bundling single pouches or a strip of pouches, this versatile solution adapts to your project’s specific requirements. With a maximum input speed of 100 packs per minute from VFFS, the system achieves an output speed of 8-12 secondary packs per minute. Integration with VFFS and HFFS machines further enhances its flexibility in production.

Employing sensor-based technology, the machine ensures the precise counting of products, guaranteeing that 100% quality-assured products reach customers. Each secondary packaging solution is meticulously developed and customized to align with our client’s unique requirements and specific application areas. Experience the epitome of packaging precision with BricsInfinity’s automatic shrink wrapping for pouches.


Shrink wrapping machine for pouches is used for snacks, frozen foods, and ready-to-eat meals. It preserves freshness, extends shelf life, and enhances product visibility and branding.
Commonly employed for beverage pouches, it provides a tamper-evident seal, prevents leakage, and enables multi-packs for convenient transportation and display.
Utilized for items like shampoo and lotions, it safeguards pouches, prevents leakage, and enhances shelf appeal with promotional messaging and branding.
Used for pouches containing tablets or medical devices, it ensures product safety, tamper resistance, and can include features for easy opening.
Applied for cleaning agents and pet care products, it offers protection, prevents spills, and improves shelf appearance with branding and safety information.
Employed for pouches containing lubricants and chemicals, it provides protection against leakage, tampering, and environmental factors.
Widely used for retail and e-commerce, it allows bundling, creates variety packs, and enhances product visibility and presentation.
Automatic shrink wrapping machine for pouches offers benefits such as product protection, extended shelf life, branding opportunities, and improved consumer experience across diverse industries.

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