Scissors Lift

Scissor lifts are a widely used type of aerial work platform that features a motorized, hydraulic lifting system and a railed platform. They are versatile tools that find applications across a range of industrial settings. Bricspac offers high-quality scissor lifts that are designed for long-lasting performance and can withstand the rigors of industrial use.

A man is working on a hydraulic scissor lift on a building.

As an essential tool for modern warehouses, scissor lifts from Bricspac are built to last. Our scissor lifts are constructed using only the highest-quality materials, ensuring that they can withstand long runtimes and extended use without compromising performance. Furthermore, our scissor lifts operate quietly and efficiently, providing a stress-free experience for operators.

We offer a range of scissor lift models to choose from, with varying lift heights and dimensions to suit your specific needs. Our lifts can handle both man and material elevation needs in your warehousing operations, making them an indispensable asset for any modern warehouse looking to improve productivity and efficiency.




Heavy Duty


Scissor lifts are widely utilized in warehouses and distribution centers for inventory management, order picking, and loading/unloading operations. They provide elevated platforms for workers to access shelves, racks, or storage areas safely and efficiently, maximizing vertical storage space and improving productivity in material handling tasks.

Scissor lifts are essential in the construction industry for tasks such as installation, maintenance, and repair work at height. They provide stable and secure platforms for workers to perform tasks like painting, welding, electrical work, or installation of HVAC systems. Scissor lifts are also commonly used for window cleaning, façade maintenance, and other building maintenance tasks.

In manufacturing facilities, scissor lifts play a crucial role in assembly lines, allowing workers to access elevated workstations or machinery safely. They facilitate ergonomic positioning for tasks such as equipment maintenance, quality control inspections, and product assembly, contributing to operational efficiency and worker safety.

Scissor lifts are utilized in retail stores, supermarkets, and commercial buildings for various purposes, including shelving installation, signage placement, and maintenance of lighting fixtures or HVAC systems. They enable workers to reach high ceilings or elevated areas safely, ensuring proper maintenance and presentation of the retail environment.

Scissor lifts are often employed in the entertainment industry for stage setup, lighting rigging, and audio-visual installations at concerts, theaters, and other live events. They provide elevated platforms for technicians and performers to access lighting trusses, sound equipment, and stage props, facilitating smooth event production and ensuring safety for all involved.

In agricultural settings, scissor lifts are used for tasks such as orchard maintenance, tree pruning, and harvesting operations. They provide elevated platforms for workers to reach fruit-bearing branches or canopy structures safely, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, scissor lifts are utilized in landscaping projects for tasks like tree trimming, hedge pruning, and installation of outdoor lighting or irrigation systems.