Multitracj VFFS (IMS-800/IMS-600)

BricsInfinity’s cutting-edge automatic secondary packaging system, designed for multitrack Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines, is engineered to streamline and elevate the packaging process. This advanced solution excels in collating product strips or individual pouches from multi-track primary lines, initiating a seamless process of bundling or stacking for subsequent flow-wrapping. Crafted from Heat Sealable Laminate, the resulting secondary packs prioritize product integrity and security.
A VFFS machine that is used to make boxes.
Tailored Made

At the core of this automated packaging marvel is a sophisticated conveyor system positioned strategically at the VFFS machine’s output. This conveyor seamlessly facilitates the transition of pouches, working in harmony with an intermediate conveyor designed to align pouch speeds for optimal synchronization. Complementing these components is the matrix conveyor, a pivotal element responsible for generating matrices and feeding them into horizontal flow wraps. The entire system harnesses the power of BricsInfinity’s state-of-the-art PICK & PLACE or RACETRACK system, ensuring gentle product transfer, precise handling, and swift changeovers.

Beyond efficiency, the system incorporates sensor-based technology for precise product counting. This innovative approach guarantees accuracy in packaging, fortified by a check-weighing option that adds an extra layer of quality assurance. With this solution, clients benefit from a foolproof system that ensures the delivery of 100% quality-assured products to end consumers.

Infinity’s commitment to excellence is evident in the customization of every secondary packaging solution, tailoring it to the specific needs and application areas of diverse industries. This bespoke approach ensures seamless integration into existing production setups, delivering optimal performance and addressing the unique demands of the industry. BricsInfinity’s automatic secondary packaging for multitrack VFFS machines is not just a technological leap but a transformative solution, elevating efficiency, precision, and quality in modern packaging processes.


Secondary packaging for multitrack VFFS machines are versatile, catering to various industries. They efficiently package multiple products simultaneously, enhancing production capacity and flexibility.
Widely used in the food industry, these machines handle snacks, candies, cookies, coffee, and more. The multitrack feature allows for simultaneous filling and sealing of different pouch sizes and materials.
In the beverage sector, these machines package liquid and powdered products like juice mixes and coffee mixes. Simultaneous filling and sealing increase efficiency, with options for spouts or fitments for easy dispensing.
The pharmaceutical industry benefits from accurate dosing and sealing for tablets, capsules, powders, and granules. The multiple tracks accommodate high-volume packaging needs.
Employed in the personal care industry for items like shampoo and lotions, these machines ensure efficient filling and sealing, preventing leakage and maintaining product hygiene.
Suitable for household products such as detergents and pet care items, these machines provide reliable and efficient filling, sealing, and packaging solutions.
In the industrial and automotive sectors, these machines package lubricants, adhesives, and small components with precision, ensuring product safety and preventing leakage.
Widely used in retail and e-commerce, these machines efficiently package sample packs, gift sets, and promotional packs, contributing to streamlined packaging processes.
With the ability to handle different pouch sizes and materials, these machines offer customization based on the specific requirements of diverse products.
Overall, secondary packaging for multitrack VFFS machines contribute to efficient and streamlined packaging processes, meeting the diverse needs of various industries while ensuring product integrity.

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