flexible motorize roller conveyor

Flexible motorized conveyors are highly mobile and extensively flexible customized roller conveyors that can handle a large variety of packages of different sizes and dimensions that can be loaded onto trucks with effortless ease.

Built ground up with a performance at the heart of its design, these conveyors are rollers that can be stretched and repositioned to accommodate a multitude of needs in an industrial warehouse. They are heavy duty, can handle changes in set-up easily, with minimal technology interventions, and can be handled by floor staff.

These conveyors bend and criss-cross existing layouts inside warehouses to connect the missing links in the warehouse flow, and helps increase the throughput and efficiency while being ergonomic at the same time. With control units, flexibility, and expandability, Bricspac ensure that customers can adapt these conveyors to fit their last minor detail.

A flexible conveyor belt in a factory.

These conveyors are extensively used in logistics, warehouses, and packaging lines to facilitate the loading and unloading of heavy materials. We adhere to international standards to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, while also offering them at relatively affordable prices to encourage client participation.

Our motorized roller conveyors are designed to meet the most demanding needs of our clients. With state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, our conveyors are built to withstand heavy loads and constant use. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of product quality and customer service. Whether it’s for a large industrial application or a small business, we are confident that our motorized roller conveyors will meet your needs and help improve your business operations.

Advantages of our Flexible Motorised Roller Conveyors



Flexible motorized roller conveyors are extensively used in warehouses and distribution centers for loading and unloading trucks, trailers, and shipping containers. These conveyors can be expanded or contracted to reach into the cargo hold of vehicles, facilitating efficient transfer of goods between the loading dock and storage areas. They improve material handling efficiency, reduce manual labor, and increase loading/unloading speed in busy warehouse environments.

Flexible motorized roller conveyors are employed for sorting and distributing parcels, packages, and cartons in distribution centers and logistics hubs. These conveyors can be configured with diverter gates and sensors to sort items based on destination or criteria such as size, weight, or destination. They streamline order fulfillment processes, optimize material flow, and enhance accuracy in sorting operations.

Flexible motorized roller conveyors find applications in manufacturing facilities for transporting components, parts, and assemblies between production areas, assembly lines, and storage locations. These conveyors can be configured with accumulation zones to control the flow of materials and prevent congestion on the conveyor line. They improve production efficiency, reduce material handling costs, and enhance workflow flexibility in manufacturing operations.

Flexible motorized roller conveyors are integrated into retail distribution centers for handling cartons, totes, and merchandise during order picking, packing, and shipping activities. These conveyors can be expanded or contracted to accommodate varying order volumes and seasonal fluctuations in demand. They streamline retail distribution workflows, improve order accuracy, and expedite order processing times in fast-paced distribution environments.

Flexible motorized roller conveyors are utilized in airport terminals for handling checked baggage, suitcases, and cargo containers during the baggage handling process. These conveyors can be expanded or contracted to reach different areas of the baggage handling system, allowing for seamless transfer of luggage between conveyor lines and sorting destinations. They improve baggage handling efficiency, reduce turnaround times, and enhance passenger satisfaction at airports.

Flexible motorized roller conveyors are used in assembly and packaging operations for transporting products, components, and materials between workstations, assembly cells, and packaging stations. These conveyors can be configured with adjustable heights and angles to accommodate ergonomic requirements and facilitate manual assembly tasks. They improve workflow flexibility, reduce operator fatigue, and enhance productivity in assembly and packaging operations.