Auto Taping & Strapping Machine

Auto taping and strapping machines are designed to provide reliable and efficient solutions for the packaging needs of businesses. These machines perform the critical functions of taping and strapping cartons, ensuring that the contents of the cartons are safe and secure during transportation. With adjustable strap widths and flexible cycle times, the machines offer high throughput, making them ideal for companies that require high-speed packaging solutions. Additionally, the machines are easy to load and unload, further increasing their efficiency.

An auto strapping machine for sealing boxes on a white background.

Bricspac offers a range of auto taping and strapping machines that can be customized to meet specific business requirements. These machines can be integrated with other packaging installations, allowing businesses to streamline their packaging process and optimize productivity. The results of using Bricspac’s auto taping and strapping machines are immediately evident, with businesses experiencing increased efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Fully automatic strapping machines are specifically designed to hold packages, bundles, metal tubes, and boxes tightly together. These machines use strapping rolls to seal around the packages, bundles, metal tubes, and boxes, ensuring that they remain intact during transportation. The strapping material used by these machines is strong and durable, making it ideal for securing heavy and bulky items. Overall, fully automatic strapping machines are an essential tool for businesses that require reliable and efficient strapping solutions.






  • Automate the carton sealing process in e-commerce and retail distribution centers. Bricspac’s Auto Taping & Strapping Machines efficiently seal and secure cartons, enhancing the packaging speed and consistency.
  • Integrate these machines into manufacturing and production lines to automate the sealing and strapping of boxes. This contributes to increased efficiency, ensuring that products are securely packaged before they move through the supply chain.
  • Enhance the packaging process in the food and beverage industry by automating taping and strapping. These machines contribute to the secure sealing of boxes, ensuring that perishable goods are protected during transit and storage.
  • Optimize the sealing and strapping of packages in logistics and warehousing operations. Bricspac’s machines enhance the integrity of packages, providing secure sealing and strapping for palletized goods during storage and transportation.
  • Improve the efficiency of distribution centers by automating the taping and strapping of packages. These machines contribute to a faster and more reliable packaging process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring the security of the shipped items.
  • Ensure the safe and secure packaging of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Auto Taping & Strapping Machines provide a consistent and tamper-evident sealing solution, maintaining the integrity of sensitive items.
  • Streamline the packaging of textile and apparel products with automated taping and strapping. Bricspac’s machines contribute to a neat and secure packaging process, enhancing the presentation and protection of garments.
  • Automate the packaging of electronic and technological devices. These machines provide efficient taping and strapping solutions, ensuring that delicate electronic components are securely packaged for transit.