Check Weigh & Reject

In today’s modern warehouses, dimensioning, weighing, and scanning (DWS) methods have become a standard for faster transportation and efficient customer fulfilment. However, the needs of every warehouse are unique, and they differ in cargo volume, automation level, handling speed, and data capture requirements. Briscpac’s modular, customizable, and affordable DWS systems are designed to meet these unique needs.

A machine that is used to check the contents of a container, also known as a check weigher machine.

Our DWS systems come equipped with dimensioners, scales, barcode scanners, software, and accessories that can be tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. They ensure compliance, accurate measurement, and tracking for fast and error-free delivery. We offer both static and dynamic configurations for regular and irregular dimensioned cargo, and our team thoroughly analyzes the customer’s needs to help them choose the right fit.

To ensure that all packages are accurately sorted and that no undersized package reaches an unhappy customer, advanced technology is required. At Bricspac, our Auto Weigh Check & Reject solutions are designed to handle a wide range of package sizes and weights, with preset dimensioning and customizable configurations. These solutions can be programmed to weigh packages at any point in the conveyance process and take appropriate action.


Highly Automated

Complete Customisation

High Throughput

Highest level of quality assurance to ensure error-free fulfilment journeys


  • Maintain quality control in the cosmetics and personal care industry by utilizing Check Weigh & Reject Machines. These devices help ensure that items such as lotions, creams, and cosmetics are accurately weighed and meet predefined standards before reaching consumers.
  • Integrate these machines into manufacturing and production lines to optimize quality control processes. Check Weigh & Reject Machines contribute to the efficient identification and rejection of non-compliant products, preventing defective items from entering the supply chain.
  • Ensure compliance with stringent quality control standards in the food and beverage sector. Check Weigh & Reject Machines accurately weigh products, identifying underweight or overweight items and facilitating their rejection to maintain consistency in packaging and compliance with regulations.
  • Improve quality control in logistics and warehousing operations. By accurately weighing and rejecting items that do not meet weight specifications, these machines contribute to consistent packaging and minimize errors in distribution.
  • Ensure precision in the packaging of automotive and industrial components. Check Weigh & Reject Machines help maintain the specified weight standards for products, ensuring that they meet quality and safety requirements.
  • Enhance the accuracy of pharmaceutical and healthcare product packaging. These machines play a crucial role in verifying the weight of medications and medical devices, ensuring that each unit meets specified standards and regulations.
  • Enhance quality control in the chemical industry by incorporating Check Weigh & Reject Machines into the production process. These machines help prevent inaccuracies in packaging, ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards.
  • Improve the accuracy of product packaging in the electronics and technology sector. Check Weigh & Reject Machines play a vital role in verifying the weight of electronic components, contributing to consistent and compliant packaging.

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