Secondary Packaging Solutions

BricsInfinity’s Secondary Pouch Packaging Solution plays a pivotal role in bundling and organizing products, ensuring a streamlined and efficient packaging process for pouches, multitrack items, and bottles. This innovative solution excels in collating diverse products, creating cohesive bundles, and delivering meticulous flow-wrapped packaging, all achieved at remarkable production speeds. This cutting-edge Secondary Pouch Packaging Solution from BricsInfinity not only enhances the efficiency of the packaging line but also guarantees a neat and organized presentation of pouches, multitrack products, and bottles. With its high-speed capabilities, the system ensures that the packaging process is not only swift but also maintains the quality and precision required for diverse product categories, making it an indispensable asset for businesses aiming for optimal packaging productivity.
A pouch packing machine with a conveyor belt on a black background.

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Secondary Packaging for Pouches (IBP-200)
Secondary Packaging for stripe of Pouches
Automatic shrink wrapping machine for pouches (ISP-200)
Multitrack VFFS (IMS-800/IMS-600)
Automatic shrink wrapping machine for bottles (ISB-200)

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