Hand Pallet Trucks

Bricspac’s pallet trucks and table trucks are indispensable assets in contemporary warehouses, boasting sturdy steel frames and a resilient powder-coated finish. These features guarantee longevity and reliability in demanding environments. Pallet trucks are adept at nimble and ergonomic handling, facilitating efficient movement of goods by warehouse personnel. Meanwhile, table trucks provide effortless lifting for tasks requiring smaller height adjustments, ensuring stress-free operations. Additionally, Bricspac offers pallet trucks with varying degrees of automation, catering to diverse customer preferences and operational requirements. This comprehensive range of equipment underscores Bricspac’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for modern warehouse logistics.

A yellow hand pallet truck on a black background.
Our Trucks



Long Lasting

Our Range of Pallet Trucks

2500 Kgs Hydraulic Pallet Truck
3000 kgs Hydraulic Pallet Truck
5000 kgs Hydraulic Pallet Truck

4 way Hydraulic Pallet Truck

Low Profile Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Super Low Profile Hydraulic Pallet Truck
Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

Reel Pallet Truck
Scissor Pallet Truck
Semi Electric Pallet Truck

Semi Electric Scissor Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck
Heavy Duty Battery Pallet Truck

Journey of excellence

The Bricspac Journey of Excellence is about setting the standard for excellence in the packing and conveying automation industry and exceeding the expectations of our customers at every turn