Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine for Bottles (ISB-200)

BricsInfinity’s automatic shrink wrapping machine for bottles excels in packaging rigid products such as PET bottles and jars, creating neat and secure shrink packs at impressive production speeds. Crafted from Heat Sealable Laminate, the secondary packs undergo seamless travel through a shrink tunnel, resulting in meticulously wrapped packs ready for shipping. This versatile solution extends its application to various packaging types, including beverages, cosmetics, shampoo bottles, PET bottles, jars, cans, and shelf-ready packs for convenience.
An automatic machine used for making paper bags.
The system boasts a design that accommodates the high-speed demands of primary lines, ensuring efficient product collation to form desired matrixes and facilitating a smooth transition through the shrink tunnel. Employing sensor-based technology, it guarantees precise product counting, assuring that 100% of quality-assured products reach customers intact and ready for distribution.


Automatic shrink wrapping for bottles is widely used for sauces, condiments, beverages, and preserves. It protects glass or plastic containers, ensuring stability during shipping with options like cardboard boxes, trays, or shrink-wrap films.
Crucial for medicines, vitamins, and healthcare products, secondary packaging safeguards against moisture and tampering. Options include blister packs, cartons, or folding boxes displaying vital information.
Common in this industry for lotions, creams, and perfumes, automatic shrink wrapping preserves and protects products. Packaging options encompass cardboard boxes, folding cartons, or shrink-wrap films with branding elements.
Essential for handling and safety, bottles containing cleaning products often require secondary packaging. Options range from corrugated boxes to shrink-wrap films or multipack trays for storage and transportation efficiency.
Vital in industrial and chemical sectors for bottles containing chemicals and lubricants. Robust secondary packaging includes corrugated boxes, pallets, or drums to prevent leaks and spills during transportation.
Crucial for enhancing visual appeal and providing protection in retail and e-commerce. Retail packaging features custom-designed boxes, while e-commerce packaging involves protective materials like bubble wrap or cardboard dividers for damage prevention during transit.
In summary, automatic shrink wrapping for bottles serves diverse purposes across industries, ensuring protection, efficient handling, and improved product presentation. The choice of secondary packaging depends on industry specifics, product characteristics, branding needs, and logistical considerations.

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