Gravity Spiral Conveyors

Gravitational conveyors, also known as line-shaft conveyors, are widely used in warehouses to move boxes weighing up to 50kg. These conveyors use freely rotating rollers to allow boxes to move down due to gravity, which explains the name of this solution. Typically, gravitational conveyors are not powered and are run by a shaft below the rollers, making them economical for high-volume, fast-moving applications like modern e-commerce warehouses.

A blue and yellow gravity conveyor belt on a black background.
Gravity conveyors offer several benefits, including increased warehousing efficiency, improved worker ergonomics, and increased throughput. They are commonly used in applications such as unloading boxes from trucks to the next phase of operation, and also in assembly and kitting areas.

Overall, gravitational conveyors are a cost-effective solution for moving heavy loads in warehouses and other material handling facilities. They offer many advantages, including increased productivity, reduced labour costs, and improved worker safety.





Workers no longer have to manually lift and move heavy boxes, which can cause physical strain and increase the risk of injury.


  • Gravity spiral conveyors are suitable for transporting cartons and boxes between different levels within a facility, providing a continuous and controlled flow without the need for external power.
  • Manufacturers utilize gravity spiral conveyors in assembly lines for the gentle movement of products or components between different levels, ensuring a smooth production process without the need for external power sources.
  • These conveyors can be utilized for sorting and accumulating products in a sequential order. Gravity allows products to flow naturally along the spiral, creating a controlled accumulation process.
  • Gravity spiral conveyors are employed in warehouses and distribution centers for efficient vertical transport of goods, especially when dealing with multi-level storage systems.
  • In e-commerce fulfillment centers, these conveyors aid in the vertical movement of packages, facilitating the picking and sorting processes to optimize order fulfillment.
  • Gravity spiral conveyors are integrated into gravity flow racking systems, allowing products to move seamlessly from higher to lower levels, optimizing storage and retrieval in warehouse environments.