90/180-degree curve conveyor

Bricspac offers a range of radius conveyors that are specifically designed to maximize productivity by facilitating curved conveyance in warehouses of different sizes. These conveyors are intelligent belt movement systems that can be customized and programmed to meet the specific requirements of customers. The evolved design of these conveyors eliminates unwanted catchments and dirt accumulation, making them easy to clean, maintain, and upgrade.

An image of a white slanted strip on a black background resembling a 90 degree conveyor belt.

Curve conveyors are highly adaptive, bridging gaps in material conveyance and expanding productivity. They are also versatile enough to function as standalone conveyance solutions. Whether used as part of a larger conveyor system or as a standalone unit, Radius conveyors from Bricspac provide an efficient and effective way to move materials through warehouses and distribution centers.

In addition to their adaptability and ease of maintenance, Radius conveyors are also highly durable and built to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. This makes them a cost-effective investment for businesses looking to increase their productivity and streamline their material handling processes. With their customizable features, intelligent belt movement systems, and easy-to-maintain design, Curve conveyors are the perfect choice 





For businesses seeking a reliable and efficient material handling solution.


  • 90/180-degree curve conveyors are utilized in packaging lines to smoothly change the direction of products as they move from one processing or packaging station to another.
  • These conveyors are employed in material sorting systems, allowing items to be redirected or merged onto different conveyor lines based on specific sorting criteria.
  • In distribution centers and warehouses, these conveyors assist in navigating tight spaces and corners, facilitating the efficient movement of goods between different processing areas.
  • Manufacturers use 90/180-degree curve conveyors in assembly lines to optimize the layout and flow of products, especially when incorporating turns is necessary for the production process.
  • In airport baggage handling systems, these conveyors enable a smooth transition of luggage around corners, ensuring efficient and continuous movement from check-in to loading areas.
  • Industries like food processing utilize these conveyors to navigate corners seamlessly, enabling the smooth flow of food products through various stages of processing and packaging.