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Since 1984

A young, dynamic organisation focused on delivering future-ready warehouse solutions.

Bringing Industry 4.0 Solutions to Warehousing

About Bricspac

Bricspac India Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai-based company that manufactures, assembles, delivers and services customized turnkey end-to-end next-generation warehousing solutions that suit the needs of industries competing in today’s connected era.

Today, Bricspac is one among India’s few warehouse automations providers. They not only provide manufactured solutions, but also customize high tech machinery lines to meet the needs of the connected manufacturing era, also known as Industry 4.0.

With its 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at Vapi, Bricspac now delivers products and solutions across the entire spectrum of the warehousing needs, with a high degree of localization, short turnaround times, and best-in-class installation and technical support.

Bricspac’s range of products include high quality machinery for sorting, end of line packing, material conveying, loading and unloading, palletizing and depalletizing and customised automation solutions. Our range of machines have sustained success in increasing profitability by enhancing efficiency and optimizing manpower utilization for companies across ecommerce, retail, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, logistics, 3PL–4PL, food, and manufacturing sectors.

Why Bricspac?

Bricspac India is an emerging system integrating company focusing on bringing Incremental Automation to offer industry 4.0 solutions in India.

Viresh Sheth, a leader in the packaging industry for close to three-and-a-half decades, incorporated Bricspac India Pvt Ltd to strengthen its capabilities. The company has since grown to encompass the requirements for end-to-end high-quality machinery for today’s constantly evolving warehousing markets.

Whatever the sector, scale of application and level of complexity, Bricspac has the expertise to conceptualize, develop and execute the best-in-class technologies for the discerning customer.

Today, India is marching ahead to reach newer heights in economic development and self-sustained manufacturing excellence across all sectors. In the warehousing industry, the country has always grappled with a talent crunch and skilled manpower shortage. Add to this extraneous uncertainties such as natural disasters, epidemics and a shift in the demand-and-supply equations in an industry that is at the cusp of its next generational growth led by Industry 4.0 (a.k.a. the connected workplace).

Being at the centre of these changes, the team at Bricspac is aware, enthusiastic and equipped to deal with tomorrow’s requirements, and deliver turnkey solutions just-in-time to meet customer needs. We have a list of delighted customers whose good words stand testimony to our sustained success over the decades. We are sure that our enterprising nature and extensive experience will come in handy for your various warehousing automation needs. We would be happy to converse with you and think as an insider to suggest, manufacture and implement what is the best for your current and future needs.