The Client

Launched in 1948 by Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda, Escorts is today one of India’s leading manufacturers of machineries for agriculture and infrastructural needs. The company has seen a series of impressive milestones, including collaborations with international players from its earliest days. From collaborative ventures with Goetze Werk of Germany (1949) to URSUS of Poland (1961) to Ferrari of Italy (2013), Escorts has made its name in the international business arena. The company has several successes to its credit in the Indian market as well: Escorts was a pioneer in the manufacturing of automotive shock absorbers in India (1966). It was also the first Indian company to indigenously design Backhoe Loaders (2010). They also launched India’s first invertor tractor FT45 (2011), as well as the country’s first lift-resistant tractors for commercial haulage operations (2015) – among several other successes.

The Need

Escorts was facing a problem when it came to packing of spare parts. The parts needed to be packed at a high speed, and the boxes had to be stretch-wrapped with a high degree of precision and quality to ensure that they were protected from dust and tampering. This was of particular importance as Escorts is well known for the high quality of its spare parts, and any damage resulting from improper packaging could mean a high loss in economic terms and to the company’s reputation.

In 2018, Bricspac were asked to suggest a solution that would address all of these problems. Bricspac was aware that this was a time-sensitive project and that that the solution had to be provided in a record time.

The Solution

The Bricspac team visited the Escorts manufacturing unit in Delhi, met the company’s staff and floor workers and conducted a detailed study to understand the problem on hand. After evaluating all aspects, the Bricspac team suggested the installation of a Flow wrap Machine and Box Stretch Wrapping Machine.

By installing these machines, the spare parts could be packed automatically at a high speed, and the boxes would be wrapped well as to protect them from dust, natural elements and tampering while being transported. The installation of both machines was completed in less than 15 days, and the staff were trained on usage and handling. The Escorts team soon reported that they were extremely satisfied with the solution provided. The following benefits were listed by the team:

  • Reduction in time taken for packing and wrapping
  • Improvement in manpower efficiency
  • The spare parts were transported securely, thanks to high quality packing and wrapping

Briscpac continued to provide timely maintenance checks of the machines, and effective resolution of any issues that may arise as part of after sales service.