The Client

Bisleri originated in Italy – the water was taken from a spring called Angelica in a town called Nocera Umbra, bottled and sold. Bisleri was launched in Mumbai in 1965 and bought over by the Parle Group in 1969. The Bisleri 20-litre bubble-top pack was introduced as an economical option for homes and offices in 1991. Over the years, it has become a household name and held its own against bottled water options by other players. In 2018, Bisleri launched the world’s first vertical manufacturing plant for mineral water.

The Need

Bisleri approached Bricspac in 2018 – around the same time that their vertical manufacturing plant was launched. The company knew of Bricspac through the Promoter Mr. Viresh Sheth.

The problem faced by Bisleri related to the loading process for their 20-litre water can. The cans had to be loaded onto trucks from 6 different gates. The company was using side loading trucks, which meant that the process was cumbersome and time-consuming. Moreover, while being loaded manually, the cans were tossed into the trucks, which meant the outer surface was being scratched and damaged. This meant a reduction in the number of times the can could be used from 25 to 17 – a 68% loss in terms of usability. The company tried to use cloth covers for the cans to reduce the occurrence of scratches.

All of this added up to higher costs, due to the need to produce more cans to make up for the damage, excess time spent during loading and the hit to brand reputation due to scratched and damaged cans being delivered to customers.

The Solution

The Bricspac team visited the Bisleri plant in Mumbai, met the company’s staff and workers and conducted a detailed study to understand the problem on hand. After evaluating all sides, the Bricspac team suggested the installation of a telescopic conveyor in each of the loading gates. This would help Bisleri’s staff to load the trucks at all 6 gates simultaneously, with less breakages and scratches. The reduced dependence on manual labour and increased speed and accuracy due to automation translated to notable savings in terms of time, effort and damage control. This also meant that Bisleri’s customers would get water bottles that were not scratched or damaged – which translated to keeping the company’s brand value and reputation intact.

The installation of the telescopic conveyor at the plant was completed in less than 15 days, and the staff were trained on usage and handling. The Bisleri team soon reported that they were extremely satisfied with the solution provided. The following benefits were listed by the team:

  • Reduction in loading time
  • Improvement in manpower efficiency and reduction in fatigue
  • Reduction in breakages
  • More brand visibility

Briscpac continued to provide timely maintenance checks of the telescopic conveyor, and effective resolution of any issues that may arise as part of after sales service.