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Future-ready customizable warehousing automation solutions for the digital age

Carte+ is the latest in customizable automated warehousing technology, based on a proprietary, three-dimensional random-access platform pioneered by NextFirst Technologies – a global leader in Material Kinetics Solutions.

As customers become more and more impatient and delivery timelines shrink in tandem, many industries are looking to set up warehouses (to fulfil assembly, delivery or both functions) closer to cities rather than in the suburbs, as has been incumbent practice. This, however, means that there is less space to be had – and at a premium. Moreover, there is greater emphasis on zero errors, which would imply a move towards less human involvement.

Carte+ addresses and resolves all of these issues.

At its heart, Carte+ is a highly efficient shuttle-based verticalized machine-level warehousing automation solution, where bots across the grid can travel independently and rise up vertically in a multitude of ways to handle items. This makes it suitable for urban omnichannel and multichannel warehouses that require flexibility and scalability, with specialized software integration and infinite complexities of items in applications (such as ecommerce fulfilment, among others).

While individual items are placed and moved by means of a conveyor, a feeder interface connects Carte+ at the ground level, from where items are transported to, and retrieved. In other words, the system is designed like the many faces and layers of a RUBIK's cube, with the matrix of storage bin positions randomly accessible across the horizontal and vertical grids.

While creating the Carte+ platform, NextFirst Technologies developed a ‘thinking grid’, which maps the route of each bot on the grid in the most time efficient manner by using proprietary technology in order to access destination grid locations.

In the Carte+ system, the shuttle robots travel intelligently across three-dimensional multi-stacks of storage bins to sort, buffer and sequence each item as well as full cases in a flexible, scaleable and error-free process. The bots that make up the heart of Carte+ are not the only intelligent moving beings in the system. The entire motion grid can be optimized and programmed to ensure that several bots work in tandem, and takes the best path to put away, retrieve, segregate, and sequence orders of various complexities. Carte+’s bots can handle items as small as a credit card to as large as 40kg in weight.

Therefore, it not only scores high on the economics front to install and operate, but is also the most suitable to scale up existing warehouses to leapfrog to 2–5X increase in efficiency, 20–30 percent savings in energy spend, and 2–3 times the throughput, with as much as 85 percent reduction in space utilization that favours urban, hyper-localized delivery needs.

The Carte+ Customization Layer

Carte+’ value addition stems from Bricspac’s ability to customize, configure and deploy NextFirst’s platform to conform to metric-based outputs required in implementing a high-speed, low real estate warehouse.

Carte+ solutions can be implemented across multiple industries, from e-commerce to manufacturing, and will be the one-stop solution across custom warehouse application areas and use cases (order to picker, cross docking, multi-item consolidation, robotic handling and testing, point solution and sortation). With customization capability ranging from just a couple of bots to as many as it takes to meet with the levels in a given grid, Carte+ solutions can be implemented, maintained, and run in urban centres – for companies with varying capabilities and needs in terms of size and capacity. Added to these factors are the elimination of several manual processes and errors, that offer a great value proposition that will directly reflect in the company's balance sheets.