Loading and Unloading Solutions

Loading and Unloading Solutions

Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic conveyors are multi-functional, ergonomic, and efficient end-of-line warehousing solutions that find application across industries. Bricspac designs and delivers customized telescopic conveyors to suit end-of-line operations that involve packaging and loading on to outbound logistics. Our telescopic conveyors can be designed to a maximum of 14 metres in length at an elevation of up to 14 feet. Our boom extensions for telescopic conveyors can extends more than the original stationary length, making them compact and customizable. The positioning levels increase the ergonomic ease for the workers, and reduce repetitive strain injuries, that result in both high productivity, and employee delight.

Compact / Ergonomic / Efficient 70% Reduction in loading time.

Loading and Unloading Solutions

Flexible Motorised Roller Conveyors

Flexible motorized conveyors are highly mobile and extensively flexible customized roller conveyors that can handle a large variety of packages of differing sizes and dimensions that can be loaded on to trucks with effortless ease.

Built ground up with performance at the heart of its design, these conveyors are gravity rollers that can be stretched and repositioned to accommodate a multitude of needs in an industrial warehouse. They are heavy duty, and can handle changes in set-up easily, with minimal technology interventions, and can be handled by floor staff.

These conveyors bend and criss-cross existing layouts inside warehouses to connect the missing links in the warehouse flow, and helps increase the throughout and efficiency while being ergonomic at the same time. With control units, flexibility and expandability, Bricspac ensures that customers can adapt these conveyors to fit their last minor detail.

Flexible / Expandable / Durable.

Loading and Unloading Solutions

Dock Levellers

Cargo handling at the entry and exit points of a modern warehouse should be flexible and intelligent enough to adapt to differing chassis heights of cargo trucks. A critical ingredient of the docking area, dock levellers allow smooth movement of staff, and material handling vehicles in and out of docking vehicles of various dimensions to expedite loading and unloading of cargo in a warehouse, avoiding all bottlenecks and breakages in handling and ensuring complete safety.

Hydraulically operated, our dock levellers elevate themselves or lower to accommodate vehicle heights of XX ft. to XX ft., and are available from a width of XX ft. to XX ft. The operation of Bricspac dock levellers are a cakewalk, and can be handled by warehouse handlers with minimal tech support, as the system is robust, durable, built with high quality materials that come with long working hours and shortest downtime.

Adaptable / Fast Acting / Long Lasting.

Loading and Unloading Solutions

Scissor Lifts

One of the most ubiquitous in aerial work platforms, scissor lifts are flexible hydraulic lifting motorized vehicles with railed platforms that are used in a variety of industrial applications. A must-have for a modern warehouse, scissor lifts from Bricspac offer long-lasting performance, thanks to its high quality construction. Our scissor lifts can endure long runtimes for extended hours, and ensure quiet, stress-free operation every time. Choose from multiple models with varying lift heights and dimensions to suit your needs to handle man and material elevation needs for your warehousing operations.

Enduring / Quiet / Heavy Duty.