Customized Automation and Robotic Solution

Customized Automation and Robotic Solution

Robotic Pick & Place

Robotic Pick & Place solutions use advanced vision systems and nimble programming to effortlessly handle repeat actions of picking and placing items in a modular way to augment the entire supply chain to ensure prompt error-free delivery that ensures customer delight.

Our robotic Pick & Place solutions fit your needs to perfection – every time. Designed to reduce manpower, eliminate errors and achieve quantum leaps in productivity and accuracy, our Pick & Place robotic solutions are available for a variety of applications for the entire industrial spectrum. Our range of compact machines can be fit to function in tandem with your existing wares such as packaging lines. Bricspac’s robotic Pick & Place offerings have scored high on usability, and the end-user would need to waste no time in making our systems a part of their everyday functioning, with the least learning curves. Our programming and integration expertise can make a massive difference in your scheme of work through the stages of design, development, deployment, and integration to create a system that fits your varying needs to a tee.

Automation / Flexibility / Accuracy / Integration.

Customized Automation and Robotic Solution

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Automated Guided Vehicles are portable robots that tread a pre-determined path through visual, laser or magnetic pathways in order to move materials across different areas of a manufacturing facility without human intervention, to provide the most fluid, efficient, error-free, and streamlined movement of goods in facilities.

We set your factories in motion to produce a palpable improvement in your productivity and accuracy through our AGV offerings that are affordable and flexible to fit your budgets. Applicable in a broad range of industries, our AGVs have been time-tested and have been proven stable under a variety of applications and use cases. With excellent controls and programmability, our AGVs provide high performance at reduced risk and variability to give you peace of mind, any day, any time.

Streamlined / Flexible / Accuracy / Integration.