Bricspac have introduced a new fulfillment solution – AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) that simplifies and automates material movement and streamlines order, case, batch, and pallet picking workflows. With the help of AMR, manufacturers can enjoy increased flexibility and resilience in their operations by reshoring their manufacturing operations and corresponding supply chain. It has also forced manufacturers to adopt the principles of lean manufacturing, which involves removing non-value-added activities, creating pull within the manufacturing process, and establishing flow between different steps of the manufacturing process. This, in turn, helps manufacturers eliminate the wastes of lean manufacturing such as transportation, motion, waiting, and skills.

With AMR’s autonomous and flexible capabilities, manufacturers can effectively manage their material movement and streamline their workflows without human intervention. AMRs follow a pre-defined path and use sensors and cameras to navigate through the facility. This innovative technology eliminates the need for expensive and complicated conveyors or other material handling equipment.  

As manufacturers look for ways to reduce costs and improve their supply chain operations, AMRs provide an effective solution for material movement and workflow optimization. With its flexibility and efficiency, AMRs are quickly becoming an essential tool for manufacturers who are embracing the principles of lean manufacturing and reshoring their operations.

Increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing the risk of human error.

AMRs can make